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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 10, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> now at 10 o'clock "eyewitness news" with an eye on the storm. some wet sweater heading our way. and rain has already arrived in parts of the region. the big question is will it dampen our whole weekend. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. meteorologist kate bilo is keeping her eye on the storm. kate everyone wants to know what we can expect. >> its going to be a saturday spoiler for many of us, a saturday morning soaker. i have hope we can clear it out by saturday afternoon for much of the area. it's starting now and we will be dealing with rain all night and even into the first halladay tomorrow. the heaviest down over portions of delaware. it's right along the new castle and kent county line. south of that that's where you've got the rain. dover seeing the rain down towards rehoboth, the southern tip of cape may county and showers towards lancaster as well. as we zoom out more rain waits in the wings. this is what we have to be concerned about overnight and
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into tomorrow morning. this batch of rain moving through portions of southern ohio and western pennsylvania at the moment. that's what we'll get overnight. you can see the rain starts to lift in. here's 2a we start to see it in the city of philadelphia, heavy rain off to the south. heavy rain down the shore through the overnight hours. those are the areas that will see the most accumulation as far as rainfall is concerned but watch for steady rain at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning. even if you sleep in a little bit, 8, 9 o'clock still seeing steady rain and by late morning we start to see the rain taper to showers and we could even see clearing by late in the afternoon saturday. what to expect as we go through the rest of tonight noon our saturday. again, we expect rain becoming steadier through the overnight hours. cloudy and chilly otherwise. how much rain? about a half inch to our north and west as much as an inch and a half to the south and east. rain will be tapering saturday afternoon but it stays soggy all day long. i have better news for the second half of the weekend coming up in just a bit. jessica. >> kate thank you. with this wet weather you'll want to keep a close
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eye on the forecast and it's the perfect time to download the eyewitness weather app if you haven't done so already. you can find it in the app store and also now on google play. >> caught on camera tonight a frightening scene and a savage attack. an argument ends with a man knocked out in the middle of a philadelphia street. it's video you'll only see here on "eyewitness news." our diana rocco is live at central detectives with more on the investigation. diana. >> reporter: and, chris, it appears that this man was confronting a group of kids on bicycles when one of them attacked him from behind. it is believed that it is the same bike group responsible for other instances of harassment and vandalism around the city over the last couple weeks. as you will see from this video, witnesses say the attack was brutal and hard to watch. the "eyewitness news" video is chilling. a 24-year-old man is attacked from behind and left unconscious lying in an intersection after he confronts a group of kids on
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bikes. >> by the time they got to him 30 seconds later he had regained consciousness. it's very clear a concussion, a lamp injury on his face. >> i didn't think that it would get to the point with all the cars around that there actually would be an altercation in the street. a couple who asked not to be identified watching from their apartment window was able to rush to the man's aid while calling police and shooting this cell phone video. it happened thursday around 9 o'clock at 19th and fairmount. police say a group of 10 to 15 minors on bikes were riding through the streets hitting cars with sticks when the victim asked them to stop. >> it was really escalating. we were getting upset. >> reporter: seconds later this happened. as the group circles on their bikes one throws a water bottle at the victim and another punches him from behind leaving the man lying unconscious and bleeding in the intersection. >> he went down pretty quickly and he didn't move after that and i was really concerned. i stayed with him putting pressure on his face. >> reporter: police say the
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same group surrounded a couple on lombard street a half hour earlier while they were stopped at the intersection and tried to pull the woman passenger from the car. police arrested a 16-year-old and two 12 year olds from the oxford neighborhood but believe more are involved. >> there's an aggressive nature to it. it seems planned and that's especially disturbing. >> reporter: and the victim in this case was taken to hahnemann hospital with a fractured jaw that had to be wired shut. those three juveniles who were arrested were charged with criminal conspiracy and aggravated assault. but as police continue to review surveillance video, it is possible more arrests may follow. we're live outside central detectives tonight. i'm diana rocco for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> diana thank you. tonight we're hearing the emotional words of a father dealing with the sudden loss of his young son. four year old eli waller was the first child to die from enterovirus d68. that's the respiratory virus that's been sweeping across
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the nation. his father said eli went to bed and the next day he was gone. >> he is like the little puppy dog who just looks at -- you know, looks at you and wants to make you happy. kissed him on the forehead, gave him a hug, told him he'll lay let's have a great day tomorrow. and he just said i will, daddy, i l you have to make a choice. and that choice is, are you going to just sit and languish and be sad for the rest of your life or are you going to make something good happen? >> eli's father announced today the creation of the first day of school foundation. it is to help children with special needs like eli. a dallas hospital is making procedural changes as authorities evaluate its handling of thomas duncan's ebola case. the liberian national is the first person to die from ebola in the u.s. medical records revealed duncan's temperature was
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103 degrees when he went to the hospital and they initially released him. meanwhile, the ebola scare on a flight from philadelphia to punta qana dominican republic shows airlines are taking this deadly disease very seriously. a 54-year-old passenger reportedly joked about having ebola causing emergency workers and hazmat suits to board that plane yesterday. joe mccann who was on the flight spoke exclusive to "eyewitness news" today. >> certain things you can't say and it's not something you can joke about these days. you can't make a joke like that. we're over 200 people on that flight and he almost ruined vacation or wherever -- other reasons people were down here for what he felt was a stupid joke. >> dominican health officials say the passenger in question does not have ebola and has never even been to an affected area. five airports will begin enhanced ebola screenings here in the u.s. for travelers arriving from west africa. that happens this weekend. >> there's a growing sense of frustration in the poconos tonight as the manhunt for
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eric frein nears its. day. crews continue to scour the woods looking for the man suspected of shooting two state troopers killing one. some feel like this manhunt is making them prisoners in their own homes. a parade in that area has been canceled and now there is chatter about canceling halloween. >> feels like a war zone. they've walked through every inch of these woods three or four times with dogs, guns. >> in the past week four people climbed have seen frein from a distance. search teams have found three of his camp sites and in those camp sites two bombs and a journal were recovered. well, right now police are searching for a suspect wandered in 14 robberies in northeast philadelphia. the latest happened just this morning. take a look technologiy at this surveillance video. between august of this month -- and this month, police say that the suspect has hit different bars and restaurants, liquor stores and convenience stores including five 7-eleven's.
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each time he pulls a gun and demands money before taking off. the man has escaped with thousands of dollars. >> first time dui offenders may soon find themselves locked out of their cars when they go to start their engines. lawmakers want to put the brakes on those who drive under the influence. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has details new tonight. >> reporter: 50 to none, that was the vote for a tough new dui bill that passed the pennsylvania state senate this week. the bill would require first time dui offenders with a blood alcohol content of .1 or higher to install one of these. it's an ignition interlock device. convicted offenders must blow into it every time they want to drive. attached to the car's electrical system it will start the engine own physical there's no alcohol detected on the driver's breath. if passed, the law would have an impact right away. back in 2012 under then law, 5,856 ignition interlock devices were installed. that throwed about 14 million
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tests before drivers hit the road. but if this bill were in place back then an additional 11,079 devices could have been installed as well. >> i think it can save many lives. >> reporter: helen weigand is the dui coordinator. more than just a job, for her, it's painfully personal. >> my daughter was killed 19 years ago in a drunk driving crash. >> reporter: 22-year-old alice was in the back seat of a car that was crashed by a man who was both drunk and high. >> no matter how much time, you're never prepared to lose your child. >> reporter: so, it's no surprise then that she supports the new law. but she says statistics back her up. according to the center for disease control, repeat dui offenses drop about two-thirds after an interlock device is installed. >> anybody can make a bad choice. the key is to learn from that. >> reporter: if this is to become law, though, the bill still has to pass the house. but there's only three voting days left this session and if lawmakers don't pass it by then, the process starts all
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over again next year. matt rivers, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> the war of words is heating up in the battle to keep the bankrupt trump taj mahal casino from closing in atlantic city. lawmakers and union officials blasted billionaire carl icahn on the boardwalk today. icahn the casino's majority debt holder says he's willing to save the taj mahal if workers forfeit health benefits. he also wants them to give up their pensions. the union says they'll negotiate but will "not roll over." members of the philadelphia federation of teachers spent part of the day rallying outside public schools across the city. "eyewitness news" at john b. kelly elementary school in germantown. teachers gathered for what they called a turn up for the truth rally. teachers handled out information counter wag they say are misleading statements from the src which terminated their contract monday. president obama is once again intervening to avert a septa regional rail strike. the president has now created
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a second emergency board to mediate the labor dispute between septa and locomotive engineers. the president's order requires septa to continue operating as usual for 120 days from the effective date of that new panel, that's monday. that's also when the term of the first panel expires. >> organization working to fight hunger is asking for the public's help to continue that mission. chosen 300 began serving meals to the homeless outside its west philadelphia location on lancaster of a this week while it's being renovated. the meals were previously served inside at mill creek baptist church but that lease expired last week. >> right now there is a $50,000 matching grant on the line where some friends of ours from the upper dublin lutheran church decided to make an investment in this project. we're alcohol wrenching folks to help us meet that match so we can pay off. frightening moments at an
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arkansas zoo. still to come here on "eyewitness news" a child falls into an enclosure filled with jack wars. we'll tell you how staffoned into action and how that little boy is tonight. kate. >> and rain has already begun to arrive across the area. you can see there's a lot more where that came from. we are our eye on the storm tonight as rain moves in and when it will move out. i'll have the latest with the seven-day forecast coming up. >> and a big gig for katy perry. where she will reportedly be hitting the stage in february. >> plus, an adorable new addition to the zoo in hungary but what is this bizarre but adorable animal? we'll be right back. it's on? oh yeah. with who? the citizens banker lady. she made things way simple for me, like how to deposit a check from my phone. she's even gonna send me alerts if my balance gets too low. total special treatment. you do know the alerts don't come from her personally, right don juan? mr.tobin, you forgot your phone! thank you.
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for more people every day. comcast. bringing media and technology together for you. >> back on "eyewitness news" in little rock, arkansas. a three-year-old child is in critical condition after falling into a jaguar exhibit at the little rock zoo. it's not clear yet exactly how that child fell into the enclosure. >> philadelphia area native bradley cooper is back to get birds fans pumped for the sunday night matchup with the new york giants. in a new video poster on fly eagles cooper takes a shot at giants fans in his
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best new york accent. >> yous a bunch of cheesesteak eating liberty bell cracking museum step running -- yeah, yeah, you want to know the best way to shut a loud mouth up is to shut it for them. >> a lot of people loving that. the backing music provided by philly's own the roots with help from john legend. it's certainly been pumping people up as that game gets closer and closer. >> pumped up right now. bring it. the game has been dubbed black sunday because the eagles will be wearing all black uniforms for the very first time, jerseys and pants as well. going to be great. the black sunday hashtag has plenty of people talking on twitter and facebook. jason spear tweeted eagles are going to destroy the giants this sunday hashtag fly eagles fly hashtag black sunday. orangutan is wearing his nick foles number nine black jersey there, hashtag fly eagles fly.
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finally roima808 murphy is ready for black sunday go eagles and you can see murphy in his double zero black eagles jersey hashtag foles era and some other go ones as well. certainly going to be a fun sunday night matchup many can't wait for it. beasley will have more on the birds and the giants coming up in sports. >> for eagles fans, there is only one goal, and that's to get to the super bowl. and if the birds make it there this year they could have a front row seat to katy perry. billboard magazine says perry will perform during half time at the big game. the nfl asked her if she would be willing to pay to play at the game. she apparently said no but got the gig anyway. that super bowl will be in glendale, arizona in february. from the big game to a big baby. a big adorable baby. a lot of questions about what this might be here. this is a tupera born about a week ago at a zoo in hungary.
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baby and mom have been staying very close as the toddler learns. the younger animals has stripes and spots will serves to camouflage and protect it from predators in the wild. >> well, it is a bit of a cloudy gloomy night across the area right now although rain is taking its time. it's still dry in the city of philadelphia which is good news for a lot of folks. i was out earlier, saw people walking up and down the sidewalks. the city is busy tonight a lot of people going out to dinner and luckily staying dry at least for now but take a look at how things are shaping up on storm scan3. we've got some rain moving in very quicklily. it's mainly off to our south at the moment from really the kent county line on south into sussex county delaware and extreme southern new jersey but more where that came from. a lot more. we've got rain lifting into portions of western pennsylvania. take a look at all this moisture down to the south. most of that will miss us but there's still more where that came from. more rain back across the midwest and that has to push through tonight into tomorrow
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so we will be looking at a pretty wet start to our saturday and then it looks like things will try to clear out late saturday afternoon. right now, though, it's a chilly 59 degrees at the airport. 57 in wilmington, 55 in reading. we only got to 61 for the high today. some spots stayed in the 50's. it was cloudy, damp and it was raw all day. so between now and about 2:00 a.m. that rain continues to move in south to north between 2:00 a.m. and noon tomorrow, that's when the height of the storm is really. we're looking at about a half inch to in some spots isolated spots an inch and a half. that would be mainly off to the south. that's where we'll see the highest amounts. saturday after the noon hour rain will taper from the northwest to the southeast. let's take a look at what this looks like. again overnight you can see handling it pretty well. most of the steady rain back to the west. you see the models right here does have the rain across portions of southern delaware and as i set this into motion watch how this batch of rain blossoms and lifts north. by 5 o'clock tomorrow morning raining heavily just about everywhere. 8:00 a.m. seeing heavy rain
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still and then finally after about noon, we start to see some clearing and things turn out better by saturday afternoon and evening. now this is not the heaviest rain we've ever seen. it's mainly just a nuisance, a saturday spoiler. looking at about a half an inch to as much as an inch. the latest model that has just come out has kind of eroded those amounts down across the shore points. about a half inch to an inch of rain is what we're anticipating with this event. overnight damp and chilly with steadier rain developing late. tomorrow rain in the morning, then some clearing by afternoon. a better chance of seeing the sun if you're in the north and west suburbs. it's 62 degrees for the daytime high so it's chilly. speaking of the eagles game black sunday looking pretty nice. 56 degrees, it will be chilly but it will be clear. the light breeze from the southeast just 5 miles per hour. your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, again chilly through the weekend but it's a half and half weekend. sunday looks much better than saturday for maybe some fall activities, apple picking, pumpkin patch, things like that. monday we warm up to 71 but next week looks a bit
10:22 pm
unsettled. showers possible tuesday, wednesday and maybe even again on thursday. keep the umbrellas handy. you'll need them the until midday tomorrow. >> sunday looks nice, though. kate thanks. >> we don't care what they wear sunday as well as they play well. >> you're right. it is the big one against the g men down at the linc and i'll catch you up on the injured birds and break down th
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>> eagles and giants sunday night. the biggest game of the season. birds will play without michael kendrick because of that calf injury. even more pressing demeco ryans listed as questionable with a groin injury. the depleted defense will face a giants offense that has scored 30 or more points in the last three games. they'll be shocked by rookie running back andre williams, good player. you'll see more of him because of the injury to rashaad jennings. >> he's a guy you knew who he was coming out because he was at the combine, you got a chance to see him. big hard nosed physical runner. >> he's not a jitterbug, not going to try to shake you. he's going to take what you give him and then punish the tackler. those type running backs you got to do something extra during the week get ready because it will be physical. >> prime time nfc east slow down we get you ready starting
10:25 pm
at 11:30 sunday morning over on cbs3. join me lesley van arsdale merrill reese and the 94 wip morning team plus a revealing chat with cbs3 contributor shady mccoy and a special guest. the flyers us have the night off, they host the montreal canadiens tomorrow at the center looking for their first win of the season. last night they fought back from a three goal deficit to tie the game but the devils came back in the third to win the contest. remember last season, they started one and seven. head coach craig berube says they should focus on the present not the past. >> these guys just need to focus on playing the game tomorrow. playing it the right way for 60 minutes. >> last year i think we played a hundred percent better than we did last year, we're skating way better. if you look at it we could have two or three points out of those two games. we don't but we need to make sure we focus on ourselves. >> preseason hoops, sixers
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taking on minnesota tonight. thaddeus young for the first time since the trade in off. second quarter thad with a steal and goes in for the dunk. we saw a lost that. he scored 12 points and t wolves beat the sixers 116 to 110. sneak preview of friday football frenzy. new jersey governor chris christie at camden high school to watch camden catholic take on camden and camden catholic with the ball, tyree rogers rolls to his right and finds end zone for the score. but camden would stay unbeaten with the 27 to 14 victory. more highlights at 11:00 on cbs3 and more news when w
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the cw philly for kate, beasley and all of us here,. i chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. have a good night. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs3. >> ♪
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